Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Grain of Sand

                “Lord, what is it like where You are right now? I know there is no time in a linear sense for You so I guess where You are is really everywhere and in all the time: past, present and future. It is so hard to comprehend You, and yet at times, we are so silly thinking we know so much or that science has given us answers. Science is the gift You gave us of an organized method to attempt to understand You and all Your ways. But really, it’s only giving us a fragmented view of You, like looking through a mesh or a net – only little flecks of truth filter through for us to contemplate.
                “So what is it like for You? You see all humanity from Adam and Eve to the very end all at once. You see the development, the progress and the fall of man You created. You know when and how we all will succeed and fail, and You know when we will return to You. Each of our lives on earth is just a brief fleeting moment in the entire pulsing eternity You have created. We come, we go, and others come and go, all contributing to this living creation of Yours, eventually becoming part of the eternal side. I am trying to wrap my head around this concept that You see the whole picture right now. You see it all in one breath. I feel so small and insignificant, just a grain of sand in this whole living universe. You are like the vast ocean to me and I am just a grain of sand.
                “And yet, You can focus all Your attention and love on this one little grain of sand. You know everything about my tiny little self and You love this little tiny grain of sand more than I can love anything in the world. You love every little grain of sand You created and You know its place – its past, present and future- and You have prepared just the perfect place for each and every one of us grains of sand.
                “I am so humbled and awed in trying to contemplate You and what it is like where You are and what it is like to be You. I am overwhelmed and grateful to be just a grain of sand in Your eternal creation.”

Let us all Approach You with Humility and Gratitude

                “Oh my Lord, my God, my King, my Savior, my redeemer, my merciful loving Father, I open my heart and soul to You. I honor You, I worship You, I adore You, I give You all my thanks. I humbly bow my head and ask that our hearts be joined through Your Blessed Sacred Heart and through the sacred heart of Your dear mother.
                “Purify me so that we can be in communion. Forgive me dear Lord for the times I didn’t come to You with this same attitude. Forgive me for the times I approached the altar with my heart only partially revealed. Especially forgive me for the times I approached unworthily, closed, and unaware of what You wanted to give me.
                “Dear Lord, forgive those who are not here, exposing their hearts and souls to You, desperately asking for Your healing touch and loving embrace. Forgive those who have deliberately closed their hearts to You, those who have turned away from You and even mock You or say they don’t need You. Inflame in them Your great love through the Holy Spirit. Purify their hearts, wipe away their misunderstanding and draw them into Your Sacred Heart. Join us all together, like a great bonfire burning away all the unnecessary trappings we place on ourselves. Burn it all away and join us into one pure golden ring of love. Place us within Your body. Let us join our hearts to Yours and let us be lifted to a state where we can honor, worship and adore Your Father as You do. Oh dear Jesus, I humbly ask that You continue to reveal Your mercy to all Your people on earth. Even though we fail to grasp all that You offer, we can, with Your grace and mercy, continue to learn about You and grow in Your holy love.
Inflame us.
 Embrace us.
 Love us.
Turn our hearts to You
and to You alone.”

God’s Tapestry

                “My God, my God, my merciful Lord, You are so good to me and to all your people. You know us all so well, so much better than we know ourselves. You know what we need, what we lack, what we desire, what we love, what we abhor, what we shy away from and what we try to hide from. You know what to send us, where to send us, and who to send to us at precisely the right time to heal us, to strengthen us, to inflame us, and to prepare us to receive Your graces, enabling us to go out and do Your will in this crazy world where You remain subtly hidden, yet always ready to be revealed in unexpected people, places, things and events.
                “I am so grateful to be a minuscule part of this phenomenal tapestry You have masterfully woven. I pray that I will never again become a frayed string in this tapestry, unraveling and loosening those around me, creating a hole in Your artistry, a flaw in the weave waiting to be mercifully repaired by the maker. Oh dear Lord, let me never question the overall design of Your tapestry. Let me completely and willingly submit to Your expert hands to be woven into this magnificent piece of art for all eternity. Let me never question my place or role, instead let me become a fine piece of thread in the pure bright and sparkling color You choose, to be placed where Your genius artistic eye sees I need to be  to beautify the creation You have so masterfully designed.
“Oh dear Lord, I am Yours.
Oh dear Lord, purify me.
Oh dear Lord, use me.
Oh dear Lord, keep me a part of Your ultimate design for all eternity.
Oh dear Lord, I am Yours.”

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Power of Your Sacred Heart

                 “Here I am Lord, in awe and adoration that You have called me close to Your heart. I love You so much that at times, I feel my whole body and soul well up, inhale Your perfect presence, groan and then exhale such deep emotion from within my very core. Words do not adequately describe what I feel in my heart.
                “Your blessed Sacred Heart is Your precious gift to us. Thank You for loving us so purely. Thank You for loving us so completely, even those who don’t return Your love or those who aren’t even aware of Your great love. I see Your presence everywhere, in everyone, even in those who don’t live with You as their guide. I see them simply as people with blinders, ear muffs and thick jackets blocking their senses and keeping them from recognizing You in their lives. I hope and pray that one day the blinders, ear muffs and jackets will be removed and they will bask in Your warm loving light like people resting on a beach at peace, listening to the rhythm of the waves, watching the sun glistening on the water and feeling the bright sun warming their skin. Those whose journeys have been particularly rough, full of pits and valleys, rocks and thorns, death and despair; those people I truly want to see resting peacefully on the beach. Those people who hated themselves, who listened to the lies of the evil one, who thought they were unlovable; those are the ones I long to see resting on the beach, the sun gently drying their tears, placing rosy color on their hollow cheeks and sunken eyes. May they see their reflection in a pond of clear water and marvel at the beauty they see staring back at them. May they see the stunning person You originally created in them and may they see Jesus’ loving eyes of mercy staring back at them through their own eyes.
                “Oh Lord, call the souls of all Your people. Bring them home. Envelop them in Your loving embrace and fill them with Your love and mercy. Here I am Lord, in awe of the power of Your Sacred Heart.”

Dive into Your Sacred Heart

                “Lord, help me dive into Your Sacred Heart. Not just a little dip, but my whole body, heart and soul. Let me dive in head first, without hesitation, without question, without doubt, without fear, without excuses. Let me dive in confidently to navigate through the depths of Your immense love. With each twist and turn, let me peel off the cloudy layers I have placed on my soul so that I can see clearly. As I eagerly peer around the next bend, may all my senses be ready to perceive all that You choose to send to me. I want to slowly digest all that I learn of Your great love, step by step. Don’t let me rush by anything; don’t let me move on until I have understood what You sent me.
                “I love to be in love. It excites me, it drives me, it gives me joy and purpose. May all my heart be completely devoted to You. You are the perfect spouse with the perfect Sacred Heart.
                “Teach me to love You completely.
                Call me to love You intensely.
                Form me to love You purely.
                Kindle in me the desire to dive into Your Sacred Heart.”