Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9-11

                “My Lord, my God, I am filled with mixed emotions on this day, September 11, 12 years after the attack on America when so many lives were lost, when the World Trade Center fell in New York, when the Pentagon in Washington DC was severely damaged and when the plane that was destined for more destruction was taken over by brave citizens who sacrificed their lives and saved many others by causing the plane to crash in field in Pennsylvania instead of its intended target. It was a tragedy that awakened the American people from a haze of complacency. It was awful. I remember being horrified seeing it on the news and wondering how You could allow this to happen. I was much younger then and didn’t know You very well.
                “Over a decade later, I recognize Your providence in those tragic events. Though You called many souls to heaven that day, You also brought out many heroes on that day and in the days that followed. People no longer looked only at their individual lives and needs, they looked beyond themselves and they felt the desire to help Your people, no matter who, what or where they were. The things that had consumed the pursuits of so many Americans were put on hold to help others. There was a great surge of prayer throughout the entire nation. Suddenly, it was okay to pray again publicly. God and faith were once again mentioned on the television and in the media where before, it was considered taboo to discuss such matters. It pains me to think that it took something so awful to turn people to God but when I look back throughout history, mass killings and tragedies were not uncommon in the world. The difference is that in the modern world, we are able to see, hear and experience something happening anywhere as it happens through the media. That tragic day was relived and experienced by everyone everywhere and the day received the ominous name that at the mere mention brings a wave of strong emotions: 9/11.
                “Over a decade later, I don’t know if our world has improved. I don’t see the same fervor and pained hope of the people turning to You as I did back then. Our government is currently attempting to take You out of the picture and place You in a category of choice, hobby or mere interest. Where is the awe of You and Your power to heal? Where is the wonder at the immense power of love and prayer? Where is the outpouring of love and charity for our neighbors? Have we forgotten the orphaned children and the broken families, widows and widowers from that tragic day? Can we still hear the sound of anguish and deep sorrow that erupted from the lips of all those affected?
                “Dear Lord, do not let us fall back into apathy. Do not allow us to fall asleep again. Evil never sleeps and it delights in an empty playground with no holy soldiers to keep it at bay. May we always look to You. Touch the hearts of Your people to be holy soldiers. May we remain compassionate to all Your people and zealous to defend our right to love and serve You. May we find You in the hearts of all those around us and may we always reach out with the same compassion and love that touched our hearts on 9/11, over a decade ago.”