Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Restore My Heart

“Oh dear Lord, my awesome creator, redeemer and great love, I humbly bow my head before You and offer You all of me. Sweep me up in Your loving embrace, hold my heart in Your Precious pierced hands and breathe over it and into it, Your holy breath of healing, strengthening and cleansing. Recreate in me the heart You first gave me at the moment of my conception. Clean off and repair this broken damaged heart of mine which I have subjected to so much abuse. Heal my scars, soften the tissue like a newborn babe. Only You can do this and I humbly and earnestly ask that You do.
                “Now place this restored heart back in place, and once more breathe Your holy breath into my heart and soul to ignite the embers of love into a bright burning fire, full of warmth, color and energy. Tend this fire so that it burns continually, bright and strong. May the bright light that emanates from this fire within me illuminate the way to the intense source of light in which You dwell. May the light within me shine out towards You, ever drawn to join with You, its’ very source. May our light join and burst into a blinding display of intense brightness where we both can dwell together, enveloped in the love You drew upon to create this whole world and everything in it, especially Your people.  May this love be the energy source that maintains this blinding light. Oh dear Lord, let everything around me and within me be full of this light for all eternity. Draw me into it, use all my inner senses to recognize You and this light in everything around me, illuminating the way to Your heart and into Your loving embrace.
                “Thank You dear Lord. I lift my head and draw my arms across my chest, pressing them against my renewed heart. I blink and blink, the tears of love magnifying Your bright light. Thank You dear Lord, my awesome creator, redeemer and great love.”

Prune My Heart and Soul

                “Eternal Father, I lift my heart and soul up to You in prayer today. Take my heart; my broken, bruised, scarred heart into Your pierced hands of mercy. May Your skilled hands of healing, grace and creation gently rub away all the damaged parts. Like a potter with clay, reform my heart and breathe in Your precious Holy Spirit so that my heart becomes smooth, supple, pristine and alive in You.
                “Prune my soul, removing anything that would block the connection of my heart to Yours. Prune away the dead branches, the withered leaves, the bitter mummified fruit that simply drains nourishment from Your life giving force. Prune me back severely, whether through trials and sufferings or through spiritual and mental enlightenment. Help me let go of all the extra unnecessary things to which I have attached myself. Let Your beautiful light shine on the rest of me. May Your loving light penetrate every inch of my body, my mind, my heart and soul. May Your light and the blood of Your heart curse throughout my entire being and may I thus produce the flowers and fruit You originally intended for me. May they be beautiful, fragrant and delicious to You.
                “Show me how to fertilize and cultivate myself with You and Your many gifts and graces. Make my roots go deep into You, drawing every life-giving breath deep into my very essence. Keep my heart and soul healthy and pure, and may I always willingly give them to You, no matter in what state they may be. I trust Your healing hands and humbly ask You to join my heart and soul to You.”