Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Advent is a Time of Hope and Preparation

                “Oh Lord, come Holy Spirit come and fill the hearts and souls of Your people. Breeze through my soul that all will be cleansed so that I can hear and receive whatever message You wish to send. Dear Lord in heaven, I am Your servant and eagerly await Your words.
                “Advent is a time of hope and preparation. People today especially need this time to stop focusing on themselves and the mini kingdoms with which they live in and instead, to remember You and why we have been given the gift of life in the first place.
                “As I was driving my kids to school this morning in the pouring down rain on the freeway, I thought of all those driving by me in their own little four wheel bubbles, unaware of the lives and trials of the people driving next to them. They were all strangers driving to different places for different reasons and purposes. There was a break in the storm and a full rainbow appeared. Oh Lord, it was a beautiful gift in the middle of the dark grey clouds, shining and spectacular that only You could create. It made me smile and feel warm inside, even if just for a moment. I had to point it out to my kids who were consumed in their own bubbles. If I had said nothing, they never would have seen the beautiful gift You silently placed in the sky. Then I wondered how many people on the road might have missed Your gift and I thought of the importance of proclaiming Your presence and the gospel message.
                “Oh Lord, how many times do Your people walk right by the gifts You send? How many of Your blessings go unnoticed? How many times do Your people encase themselves in the worries or the temporary pleasures of the mini kingdoms they have built for themselves? How often has this occurred over the centuries? How many people missed the blessing of Your coming over 2000 years ago?
                “Lord, I pray that during this season of Advent, that all Your people will prepare their hearts for the coming of a blessed infant King. May they look beyond their temporary lives on earth and recognize the incredible blessing of Your coming in the unlikely, unexpected path of a helpless infant of whom we can’t help but adore. May no one miss the baby’s cry, the cry that reaches into our hearts and begs us to love and care for the helpless babe who brings nothing more than love which blossoms into salvation for all of us. May we look for Your rainbows amidst the storms and may we open our hearts to Your pure love.”

Love is God’s Greatest Gift of All

                “Come Holy Spirit come, fill my heart, my mind and my soul that I may write the words of our dear Lord for all to hear.”
                “My child, my dear, I love you more than you can know. I know your days can be very hard. This world offers may miseries but trust in Me, I will always send you subtle glimpses of Me and My love. Look for them always, like hidden treasures. They will help you find your way in this corrupt world. This is only temporary and the sadness and misery is only temporary. I have given you the gift of time that you might be able to process everything slowly and completely. For Me, there is no time. I see all from beginning to end and into eternity. Our future together is so beautiful, it would overwhelm you and melt you if you saw it all at once. I am preparing you, forming you and shaping you like clay in my hands to be ready for our eternal life. Trust in Me, have faith and most of all, act always with love for that is my gift to you and to all my beloved people. Love is more powerful than anything on earth and it will shield you, protect you, fortify you and give you life. Without love, there is only chaos. Love can do more in your heart than you could ever expect or imagine. Trust in my love, it will conquer all and will be the framework from which the eternal world is built upon. Do not try to control it; it is a free moving force that only I can wield and I choose to send it through all your hearts. I choose to join us all through love. It is my most precious gift and I give it to my beloved.”