Monday, July 13, 2015

Are We Living in the End Times?

                “My all powerful mighty Lord, sometimes I wonder if we are living in the end times. Our world seems turned upside down where what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. The world’s standards are completely opposite to what You taught us when You walked on earth. Everywhere I turn, people reject You and boldly dismiss Your teaching as archaic, out of touch, not realistic for the people of today. How arrogant and self-absorbed people have become. They have forgotten their Creator in their quest for knowledge. They use their intellect and curiosity to seek the truth of the world they live in yet they don’t recognize any of it as gifts from You. The truth they seek reveals the amazing structure of the world and everything in it, yet they stop there and think how intelligent and advanced a civilization we are now. They don’t take it that one step further to identify You as the creating force. Maybe their pride cripples them from acknowledging a higher power that people could never fully understand, define or mimic. Acknowledging You means acknowledging what we are not, and maybe today’s world is unable to accept Your omnipotence.
                “Has it always been like this throughout history or has humanity finally reached an impasse in faith and understanding? Do You have to step in now and take us all to the next level of our lives with You? There are earthquakes, hurricanes, threats of global destruction, severe religious persecution, the institution of irrational laws against the natural moral laws You instilled in all of our souls. The gift of free will You gave us has become, in many, a vehicle to turn away from You and all the blessings you wish to bestow upon us. At what point do You say, ‘Enough is enough, you have strayed too far. Let Me set it all right’?
                “Oh dear powerful God, I pray for all people that You will soften their hearts and rekindle a deep longing for You in their hearts. I know You have the power to do so. Is it Your will to allow this current world to continue further on this path of divine denial or is it Your will to call Your beloved people home? I know it is not my place to possess the answers to these important global questions but the inquisitive mind You gave me can’t help but ask the big questions. I pray that I will remain humble enough always to recognize that Your plan is much bigger than what I could ever imagine and that it is based on an intense love for us that also is far beyond my understanding. With that in mind, I humbly bow my head and ask to live my life with complete love for You, total faith in You, and always with the hope of eternal life with You , my all powerful, mighty Lord.