Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I Feel Your Deep Love

                “My dear loving Lord, I bow before You today, humble and grateful to be in Your presence. What do You wish to tell me today?”
                “My dear loving daughter, I feel your deep love for Me today and it pleases Me very much. Just as your soul longs for Me, so do I long for you. Do not be sad My child, I am with you always, in every moment of every day, in everything you do and everywhere you go. It is you who often forgets that. You are never alone. Rejoice in that. Yes, there is suffering and sadness in this world but I am there too. There was suffering and sadness in My life when I walked on earth as well. I know the pain that suffering leaves in My dear people’s hearts, but I am there in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Paraclete. I am there, We are there in Trinitarian love with all of you. Love Me purely and with all your heart and you will feel that connection, the way a mother feels connected to her infant child.
                “I prayed for all of you to be one with Me as I am in the Father. We are all one, rejoice and take heart in that. Be strengthened knowing we are one. That is why sin is so harmful and awful, it is the only thing that separates us. There can be no sin in the divine Trinity, so to be with Us, you must be free of sin. That is why I came to earth, walked with all of you, suffered and died for all of you, that sin could be removed so that we could be joined. All of My beloved people can only be joined to Us through Me, but you have to want it freely. I will not force it upon you. You must ask for that union, ask to be free of sin, ask to be forgiven and ask to join Us. Then your hearts can beat with Mine, one in unity. Can you feel it, that union? It may be overwhelming and intoxicating but it is My wish for all of you, to join Me in this incredible union of love. My dear loving daughter, I feel your deep love for Me today. Do you feel Mine?”

Love One Another as I Have Loved You

                “My God, my God, my awesome Lord, my deep love for You consumes me completely. I can think of nothing else except my love for You. It makes me dizzy and weak. My entire self is being drained into my heart so that everything else is numb. I feel only love, desire, longing, joy, sadness at being separated from You and deep peace knowing Your heart beats with mine.
                “My heart melts into Your body. I feel Your love, Your desire, Your longing, Your joy and Your sadness at being separated from Your people – Your body, the Church. You long to be together with us as one like You are with the Father and the Holy Spirit. My heart aches with Yours but I feel Your great peace at the same time knowing we will be together for eternity.
                “As I sit here, I close my eyes and sense a separation from this world and where You are, and yet I feel the connection through Your heart as well. I beg for the veil separating us to be lifted and then I see Your wounds and Your wounded heart. That is the only way to You and to the Holy Trinity, through You, through those wounds, through Your precious wounded heart, as painful as it is. That is the fruit of the Cross, our salvation through You.
                “Oh my dear Lord, help me to relax, to breathe in Your great peace and to trust that all will be as it should be, according to Your plan which I know includes Your beloved people. I pray for all of us that we are one dear Lord, that we breathe as You, we love as You, we long as You, we laugh as You and that we cry as You as well. We are to be one and for this I pray. This is why we must love our neighbors, ALL our neighbors: the lost, the hungry, the poor, the angry, the cruel, the suffering, the miserable as well as the loving, holy, beautiful souls, those in this world and those who have died. We all long for the same thing, whether we realize it or not. We are all a part of You and You long for ALL of us. Because You long for them to be with You, then so do I. Because You suffered and died for them on the Cross, so must I - I must love them that much. Because our hearts are united, I must love them as You do. I pray that all Your people will discover and live this truth.”

Ephesians 2:19-20:
     “You are strangers and aliens no longer. No, you are fellow citizens of the saints and members of the household of God. You form a building which rises on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself as the capstone. Through Him, the whole structure is fitted together and takes shape as a holy temple in the Lord; in Him you are being built into this temple to become a dwelling place for God in the spirit.”