Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Loving Your Blessed Sacred Heart

                “My dear loving Lord, I don’t fully understand Your Blessed Sacred Heart but I know that my heart long to be with Yours and my soul loves Your heart with every ounce of its being. You gave us all Your heart, Your precious heart, that bled out and beat its last beat with deep love for all of us. An inexplicable pain pierces my heart when I think of You on the Cross and how Your heart must have ached, not just from the physical injury, but also from the deep psychological pain You must have felt during Your persecution and crucifixion.
                “My heart also leaps in my chest at the thought of Your Resurrection. You conquered death and saved us all. Your heart must have leapt for joy when You rolled away the stone and stepped out to walk on earth again, to see Your beloved disciples again and Your blessed Mother and to institute Your beloved Church.
                “My heart leaps for joy and beats twice as fast in anticipation of seeing You. My heart feels like it flip flops when I come to Eucharistic Adoration. I know You are there. My heart knows Your heart is there and it awakens my soul’s deep desire to be one with You. Oh my God, I see Your Blessed Sacred Heart opened for us and pouring out Your infinite mercy through the wounds on Your body and in every drop of blood shed for us.
                “I consecrate myself to Your Blessed Sacred Heart and promise to love, honor and obey You for all eternity. May I never again willfully injure Your precious heart. May my love and adoration be pure and honest. Forgive me if I ever do anything that injures Your precious loving heart and may I live my life completely devoted to Your blessed loving Sacred Heart. Dear Mary, help me always to love your Son as you do. Help me never to forget the depth of His love.
                “Oh dear loving Lord of all, I do not fully understand Your blessed Sacred Heart but I devote myself entirely to it and long for the day when my soul will be free to join Your heart as one.”

Why do you Linger in this Moment?

                “My dear loving Lord, I close my eyes and feel Your loving embrace. Your goodness washes over me and gives me great peace. My heart swells with every breath as I breathe in Your holy presence. I cling to this intimate moment of communion and dare not move, lest I break this connection with You, my Lord, my God.”
                “My dear child, why do you linger in this moment? I too cherish this connection with My beloved creation but I will never leave you. I am with You always. I am in you as I am in My Father and My Father is in Me. We are one, you and I, one body. I will never leave you, even when you are distracted or anxious, I am there in your heart always. Just like the sun which always shines, even when the clouds and storms come and block its rays, it still shines - it is constant like Me and My love. Do not worry that our intimate connection will be lost, I am everywhere at all times. I am with you in all that you do, whether it be mundane daily work or cherished moments of deep prayer; I am there. I am in every Catholic church you drive by or visit. I am in every piece of My creation in the world – in the natural things I made and in every living creature. Every person you see has Me inside of them so every conversation you have, you are having with Me as well. In every joyful, spiritual person and in every angry, lost or fearful person, I am there. Never forget that and you will always retain our intimate connection. Love and minister to all people and you will be loving and ministering to Me.
                “So My dear child, do not try so hard to linger here in this moment. It is just a moment in all eternity. Every moment has a blessing I wish to give you, so take heart and be brave. Go and find Me in every moment everywhere. Just like the sun, I am waiting to shine My warmth and love on you everywhere, all the time. You may always return to these cherished moments, but be willing to keep moving. I have much to give you.”
                As the Lord said to St. Catherine of Siena, “Go forth from the quiet of contemplation and courageously bear witness to My truth.”