Monday, May 9, 2016

Stand up and Defend the Lord

                “Oh my Lord, my God, my loving Creator, I lay my life at Your feet and I place my heart in Your loving hands. I give You all of me to do whatever You wish. Take my loving soul and caress it into Your image. Make me a vessel of Your love and send me out among Your people to share that love, that precious gift for all, and may I always be able to stand up and defend my love for You.
                “As I age in this world, I see the power of the world and its enticing, yet damning ways. I see Your people, many blind, innocent and ignorant, sucked into the mud of the world, tricked by the lure of hedonism – if it feels good do it; minimalism – what is the least I can do to get what I want; and individualism – what’s in it for me? These are just three of the many traps laid out to entice and draw Your beloved people away from You and Your love. Oh my dear, dear Lord, it makes me cry to see people fooling themselves that they are successful or happy on their own by their own merits. It is a terrible thing to see the blessings You bestowed on people go unrecognized or ignored.
                “I see that our country, which was based on freedom, has become a country of people enslaved by their desire to be free to do whatever they want no matter how it affects others. They are fooled by the lies of the world that this freedom they seek will bring them joy and satisfaction. Instead, this ‘freedom’ has brought them mental disorders riddled with despair, loneliness, anxiety, fear, bigotry and reversed intolerance of Your good teachings. I cringe when I hear yet another voice cry out, ‘I’m offended’ by something that honors You like ‘one nation under God’ in the pledge of allegiance or ‘in God we trust’ on money. Originally, these were subtle ways to acknowledge You and Your gifts. These small statements meant to praise You now offend people? What about me? Why can’t I stand up and say ‘I’m offended?!’ If a family member is mistreated or disrespected, it is normal and even expected that we will stand up to defend them. So why is it frowned upon to stand up for my Almighty Father, Creator, King and Lord and defend Him? People are dying for standing up for the Christian faith in other parts of the world. What about here in America? Are the American people strong enough to stand up for You, our Lord, no matter the cost? The religious freedom that our country was based upon is being seriously attacked to where it is becoming a crime to live in a way that worships and honors You because someone might be ‘offended.’ Oh my dear Lord, how far will You let Your wandering children roam?
                “Help me find the courage to stand up and defend You. Grant me the graces to love all Your people as You do and the perseverance to share Your message of love and hope for an eternity of living in pure love and joy with You to all people, even those who reject You. Grant me the wisdom to walk through this world on Your paths and not to be bogged down by the mud of the world’s false promises. Grant me the humility to always seek counsel and help from You in everything I do and remind me that I am nothing without You. Help me always to trust in Your ways and to remain a vessel of love in Your hands. Fill me with gratitude that the words thank you ever remain on my lips. Shine Your great mirror upon me that I may see myself through Your eyes and that the image I see be a reflection of You. May I freely choose to belong to You and to defend You at all costs, and in that choice, may I recognize my true freedom. Oh my Lord, I lay my life in Your loving hands.”

Why are you so Surprised?

                “My Lord, my God, my triumphant risen King, my joy bubbles up inside me and my awe overwhelms me. You rose up out of the depths of deep suffering and death and returned to Your beloved people to reveal Your message of hope and salvation. You returned and established Your Church on earth, providing a concrete and practical way to worship You and to live our lives loving and honoring You in preparation for our eternal life with You. Oh my dear Lord, I am filled with great joy and awe.”
                “My dear child, why are you so surprised by this? This was always the plan. My prophets foretold it, I preached it and I completed that part of the plan. Not everyone recognized the plan before I suffered or even after I resurrected. They still don’t understand or recognize the beauty of My plan even now. But you do and your love for Me proves it and pleases Me.
                “My dear child, why are you so surprised at My love for you and all My beloved children? My love is a dynamic force that is meant to be shared, to grow and to have no limits. By creating people with love and out of love, I set this dynamic force in motion. Love will continue to curse through the veins of everyone in the past, present and future. Love is what I based this world upon and it is what we will thrive on for all eternity. So why then do you seem so surprised to see Me suffer, die and rise from the dead to save all those whom I love dearly. Why are you so surprised to see Me appear to My beloved disciples then and to My beloved children now? This was always part of My plan for all creation. Trust in My plan My dear child for it is perfect and yes, you are part of it.”

Overflowing Love

                “My dear loving Lord, I lay my head on Your chest and listen to the rhythmic beat of Your Blessed Sacred Heart. As I melt into Your body, I am filled with great peace. As I breathe in Your grace and breathe out the cares of the world, I am filled with a deep satisfaction of all my senses and the longing I normally feel for You is quenched at this moment. The world and all its false promises fall away like mud washed off in the rain.
                I hear Your heart, so full of love and mercy, beating rhythmically with life-saving blood, Your blood that was shed so that all people can be with You like this, in this moment and for all eternity. My heart beats like Yours, yet I am so much less. Your blessed heart contains all the love in the universe. You created people out of that love and placed a drop of that love in all of our hearts so that it may grow and be shared with all those around us, the way a single candle can light millions of candles around it.
                Dear loving Lord, join our hearts as one so that the love in Yours will fill mine to overflowing so that I can share it with all those around me – one candle to the next. Fill Your people with love and transform the lost world in which we live. Hold me close as I lay my  head on Your chest for just one more moment until my heart is so full, it must turn to others with all that overflowing love.