Friday, August 21, 2015

Tearful Lord

                “My dear crying Lord, I cannot imagine the pain You must feel regarding the atrocities happening in our world today. When people are tortured and callously beheaded for believing in You with conviction, I am sure You weep for their souls; the souls of the faithful victims and the souls of the distorted persecutors and executioners. You shed tears for them because the victims stand up for love of You and the accusers are blind and numb, unable to experience Your love. Oh my tearful Lord, Your face twists in agony as innocent tiny humans, created in Your image, are ripped from the womb, torn apart and mutilated to harvest body parts while still alive to pad the pockets of more distorted souls. I ask in shock how can people be capable of doing these things?”
                “Remember my dear child, that I too was ripped apart, beaten, mutilated and nailed to a cross while still alive by many distorted souls. My body was ravaged by them simply because I brought a message of love and hope. I endured that torture, both to My body and My heart, to save these distorted souls, to save all mankind created in Our image and likeness, so that love would conquer all and we could all be together, to be one like I am one with My Father and He with Me.
                “I knew with every whip of the scourging that man would become beheaders and harvesters of body parts. I knew with every pounding of the hammer to the nail that man would become so distorted that he would be blind and numb to the atrocities he commits. I endured that day on Calvary so that three days later, I would rise and conquer this evil for good. I wept during the entire Passion for every soul that would turn against Me, persecute Me or worse, ignore Me, and for those who participate in atrocities.
                “Man is capable of great things, both good and bad. He was created so that he might be able to discover how to nurture the good and to become a being of pure love like Me. We will all be one at one point and we will all be pure love together. Right now, evil is rising to the surface so that it may be skimmed off and man purified. Have hope and faith in Me and My love. Weep with Me as the distorted souls untwist and become right again. Weep with Me as My faithful and innocents help in this process. Shed your tears that they might join mine in washing this world clean and look to the light for there am I.”