Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pray All Souls Rest with You

                “Dear loving, merciful Lord, I think of all the souls of the people I have known who now rest with You and I am filled with joy and peace for them. I see Your beautiful, merciful heart opened to receive them into Your loving care. None of them were perfect, they were all struggling with various issues, but when the time came for You to call them home, You showed them that they could leave their struggles behind and they were invited to embrace their loving creator. I pray that every person at the moment of death encounters You and Your final invitation to join You in heaven and I pray that they all humbly cry out, ‘Yes Lord!’ Your mercy is beyond my human understanding and yet, I long for it, not just for me, but for all people. My heart cries out from the depths of my soul, ‘Yes Lord, gather Your people!’ Dear merciful Lord, shower Your grace upon our undeserving souls, not because we desire it, but because You will it. Thy will be done!”
                “My dear passionate child, my heart cries out from the depths of My being, ‘Come to Me my good and faithful servants.’ No sin is too great for My mercy if you just ask for it and believe in Me. Come to Me my beautiful children. Bring Me the love you have cultured in your hearts during your lives on earth. My soul thirsts for that love just as your soul thirsts for Me. I long to take your hate, your worries, your struggles, your pain, your sadness, your disappointments and your failures. Give them to Me and let Me transform them into love, peace, resolution, relief, joy, fulfillment and success. Let Me raise You up. Join Me as We originally created you to exist – as one with Us. Love will heal all. Trust in Me and I will give you all rest. Continue to pray for your loved ones who have left their earthly lives. Pray for them that they will embrace Me when I approach them. And of course, pray for all those who dwell on earth now that they will cultivate the love I placed in their hearts when I created them. May that love grow into passion to match the love that joins Me with My Father. Let My Holy spirit blow through your souls to fan the flames of that love! My mercy is for all who truly want it.”