Sunday, January 3, 2016

Loving Baby Jesus

                “Dear baby Jesus, lying in the manger so sweet and humble, completely dependent on your blessed mother and father to care for You, I see You also as the child teaching in the Temple; the man teaching on the mountain; the humble king, full of power and glory yet submitting to the guards to be persecuted; the Creator being beaten, spat at and condemned; the Savior on the Cross crucified; and the Lord resurrected to save us. You are all of these lying in the manger so quiet and precious. Oh dear Lord, with You, all is timeless so it is a continuous loop, but for us, we see each image one at a time which maybe helps us to comprehend each piece of the puzzle before trying to place it all together.
                “For now, I contemplate You as the innocent baby, come to Your earth, the earth You created, to live with the people You created, to teach the people You created and to die at the hands of the people You created so that in the end, we can all be together forever. How all that power and glory can be contained and humbly placed in an infant born of a woman blows my mind.
                Humility, meekness and dependency are qualities we don’t always desire, yet You chose them as Your clothing to enter this world. These qualities produce trust, faith and love which are more powerful than pride, glory and power. By humbly and meekly depending on You, we can do anything and everything You desire for us. By loving You, we can become like You and we too can do the will of the Father, the almighty powerful Creator.
                “So dear baby Jesus lying in the manger, I kneel in awe, in wonder, in love and ask to be like You, sweet and humble and completely dependent on my blessed Mother Mary and my Father, Lord and God. I pray I will hold the image of You in the manger close to my heart throughout this year.”