Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Deep Loving Gaze

                My dear merciful Lord, I drop to my knees in awe at the endless mercy You show to all Your people. Your loving heart never says, “Enough!” to anyone. Instead, You whisper “Do not be afraid” and “Be at peace” to all who return to You, no matter how far they have strayed. Your peaceful loving gaze penetrates our souls as we look to You once again. Your eyes Lord, I see Your deep intense eyes and the love that pours forth through them. Oh my dear merciful Lord, may I always draw my life from Your endless fountain of love and mercy. Call Your people during this time of Lent. Call out to us as our shepherd and pierce our souls. May Your deep intense eyes meet ours and lock us in a deep loving gaze we can never forget as we wander throughout the world. May that loving gaze be inscribed in our minds and in our hearts so that every decision we are faced with be made with our eyes locked in that intimate loving gaze. Oh my dear merciful Lord, may we never look away.
                “My dear precious, lovely daughter, yes, I look deep into My people’s souls through these eyes the Father gave Me. They help me see your souls through your senses as well as with Mine. The intensity you see in them comes from My divinity which allows Me to pierce your souls with them. Yes, I want the gaze you speak of to be an image you never forget because I am always looking deep into all your souls. It saddens me at times when I see the clutter and distractions that corrupt your souls and it pierces My heart when My people look away and try to avoid My gaze. I offer complete love, mercy and peace to all who seek it but they must look at Me to receive it. They must deeply desire it and ask for it.
                “My dear loving daughter, help My people look at Me. Tell them to place their fear, their shame, their worry, their regret and their contrition at the foot of the Cross for that is where I paid the price for all their sins. Tell them then to look up into My eyes and let My love, mercy and grace pour out into their souls. That is My deepest desire for then we can all be together as one. Be at peace My loved ones.”

Ash Wednesday

                My dear loving Lord, today I am especially reminded of my littleness. The ashes traced on my forehead remind me that I am but a creature made by You to live for You and, ultimately, to return to You. I pray that my time on earth not be wasted. May I live every day preparing my soul for eternity with You. May I not be distracted by the earthly things that are meant to help us on our journey to You and not to detain us on our way. Oh my dear loving Lord, I wander this would seeking You and Your precious Sacred Heart so full of love. May this season of Lent refocus my soul to travel the path You have laid out for me with confidence that You are at the end of that path waiting with open arms saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant, come and share your master’s joy.”
                “Yes my dear little child, I am there waiting for you. It makes me sad when you are distracted, detained or wander off my path. But it brings Me great joy when you ask for My help and grace to set you back on course. When you return and walk straight to Me, I see your beautiful, loving heart and it mirrors mine which gives Me great joy. So yes My dear faithful servant, come to Me that you may share your master’s joy!”