Monday, April 20, 2020

Sparkling Sand

My dear loving Creator, today I sit in my smallness and ponder Your greatness. You are so much more than my mind can comprehend but what awes me the most is that You, in all Your greatness, love me in all my meekness. I am nothing but a speck of sand in Your creation and yet, You love me and long for me to be with You just as I long for You.
I remember sitting on the beach and staring at the sand in the sunshine. It made me think of You sending Your loving warmth to all the specks of sand. There were a few sparkling specks here and there, reflecting Your light and the sand was warm on the surface, reflecting Your warmth. It made me think how when we place ourselves before You and stay still in Your loving warm light, we absorb that and then radiate that warmth to everything around us. The sand buried underneath was colder and darker, no longer reflecting or radiating Your light and warmth, but if left out in Your light, it too could heat up, dry and reflect light and warmth again.
I also noticed little gusts of wind that would blow over the surface of the sand. The sparkling specks would disappear but then new ones would appear and shine in different spots. It made me think of the wind being like the challenges we receive in our lives or even what the world experiences through disasters, wars, persecutions, etc., and I realized that the winds don’t destroy everything because Your light always shines. The sand may move, but if it stays in the light, it will dry and reflect Your love and light. New specks appear and begin to shine which hadn’t shone before or which weren’t noticed before. I began to wait for the next gust of wind to see where the specks would sparkle next and I appreciated the wind, even though it chilled me temporarily and even irritated my skin. I thought of being a sparling speck and I realized there were times when I have buried myself in the sand, unable to absorb Your warmth and light. If I build walls to protect me from the wind, then I just remain hidden and unable to shine. So I welcome the winds, though maybe with a little hesitation, wondering how intense they may be and if they will develop into storms or even tornadoes. But I know Your light remains forever and no matter what the wind does to the sand, when it ends, Your light remains and those specks on the surface will sparkle once more.
Oh dear loving Creator, thank You for making me a speck of sand on the vast beaches of Your world. May I always remain on the surface, ready to blow in the wind and sparkle wherever You send me.

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