Friday, April 3, 2020

My Soul Groans

My Lord, my God, my dear heavenly Father, my soul groans from deep within, longing for You and to hear Your voice. I don’t understand this virus that infects Your people throughout the world, killing some yet sparing others, but I trust in You and know that somehow, this is part of Your divine plan and that it has a purpose. You and Your plans are so much more than I can begin to understand yet the inquisitive mind You gave me begs for answers. Help me to remain humble and confident in your loving presence throughout the world. Help me to spread Your love and message of hope in a time where many are filled with anxiety, fear, frustration, anger and mistrust.
                “My dear questioning child, have no fear. Trust in Me. I love My people and watch over them as a loving father. This is a time where many people have turned away from Me. Many do not believe I exist. Many think they have science and technology to answer all things. My people have become very distracted by the things they have created for themselves. At this time, while people are in their homes with their families, I see a chance to shine My divine light into their lives to help them recognize what is important.”
                Lord, I hope people will be able to reconnect with their families and friends without the distractions of work or entertainment. I hope that people everywhere will focus on love, the most important thing. We were created out of love, for love, to love. I pray that everyone everywhere will turn to You, oh Lord, with loving humility, like the Prodigal Son who returned to the arms of his loving father. Oh Lord, my God, my heavenly father, my soul groans from a deep longing for You that I have buried in the actions of my work, my play and my life. Lord, let Your people live that they might love You more and more.

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