Friday, April 10, 2020

Joy, Pain and Suffering

                My dear loving Lord and Creator, my heart races and my breath quickens as I open my soul to You. My God and King, fill me with Your goodness and shape my thoughts to match Your will. I am nothing yet with You, I am everything. What do You ask of me this day?
                “My dear loving child, do you feel my peace raining down upon You? Do you feel My great pain and sorrow as well? Do you feel My wounds that poured out My blood through love for all My people? Do you feel My loneliness as I long for all My people to join Me in My heavenly home? Do you feel My longing to gather all our hearts into one forever? Do you feel My joy as this desire of Mine is realized for eternity? Remember for Me, there is no time so I feel all this at once since it is all happening at once. The joy of union and the pain of separation are all part of the whole picture I created and currently dwell in so don’t be confused by the simultaneous emotions and physical responses you experience. Yes your heart races and your breath quickens when you think of your love for Me, but at the same time, your heart also breaks and you hold your breath as you grasp My wounds when you think of your love for Me. You ask to feel as I do; this is what I feel. I know it is more than My people can endure or comprehend which is why time is my gift to My people, so they can experience each emotion slowly and in a sequence that they can handle and try to comprehend. Because I am love and created everything out of love, emotions can be very intense, depending on how My people accept and express those emotions. Pain and suffering are not meant to be avoided or thought of as punishment, they are part of the intensity of love. Without them, you would miss out on the corresponding joy. So many people block their emotions or avoid pain and suffering. They become numb and so they cannot truly experience joy and ecstasy. Many people also cheapen this connection by focusing only on the physical aspects of joy and pain. It is so much more.
“My dear loving child with the burning heart, sometimes you fear your passion – don’t. Embrace it and free it within your soul for then you release and free Me within your soul. Pain and suffering are also capable of producing joy because it is all connected to love. My walk to Calvary and suffering on the Cross was the greatest expression of love I could ever give to My Father and to My beloved people and it brought great joy through the pain. Moment by moment it seems awful, but when viewed as a whole, without the constraint of time, it is full of love and joy. My intense pain and suffering drew people to Me in great love and vast numbers and their eyes were opened to My great love for My Father and for them. Don’t confine any emotions in your passionate heart. Feel as I do. Free that love without cost, without restraint. That is how I love – deeply, passionately, without any limits and without expecting anything in return. If you hold back, you restrain Me within you and you cannot truly experience love the way I have created it. Love is more powerful than anything. It is My creative force, My sustenance, My life force. Draw upon it and be filled with its power and float in the waves of ecstasy it produces. This is what I ask of you this day.”

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